About Lexye

I am a full-time student and mother of three boys ages 11, 12, and 20.  My husband and I recently relocated to the Savannah, Georgia from the Kansas City area after he accepted a position with Gulfstream as an aircraft mechanic.  I am currently completing a Bachelor of Liberal Studies with a minor in Legal Studies.  My ultimate goal is a career in corporate law especially in contract negotiations.

Prior to relocating to Georgia, I was an Executive Assistant for a real estate broker in Tonganoxie, Kansas.  I have worked for this particular broker on several occasions, both as an employee and as a consultant for marketing and events.  In 2006 I started a real estate magazine for the same broker which is still in publication today.

In Kansas, we rented a farmhouse out in the country and I enjoyed the 1 acre yard and my large garden.  One of the things I miss most about the Midwest is the black, fertile soil.  Our farmhouse was surrounded by approximately 600 acres which were also owned by our landlord so we had amazing views of the countryside and lots of peace and quiet.

Moving to Savannah was quite a shock for me, but not for the reasons one might think.  The population didn’t concern me, the heat wasn’t an issue, even the insects were tolerable (although the gnats are very annoying). The biggest issue for me was the lack of fresh vegetables.  I left a garden of fresh, organic, homegrown vegetables to come to a place where everything was high-priced, plastic wrapped and imported.  I literally cried after my first trip to the store.

My first mission then became to find as many local farms and growers in the area as possible so that I could have a variety of fresh produce.  I also planted my own little garden from which I just picked my first little crop of broccoli.  I am going to have to use some sort of pest control unfortunately, as my broccoli, cabbage, and collards are all infested with nasty little aphids.

Although I miss my friends and our family, I have quickly fallen in love with this area and the vast amenities that it offers.  My family and I spend a lot of time at the beach during the summer. I love walking around downtown and exploring the historic squares and other landmarks. I have also acquired some wonderful new friends and acquaintances.

My garden in Kansas

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