Journey Through the Heart of Darkness

In this assignment, we were asked to map out Conrad’s journey through the Heart of Darkness.  I chose to create a travel journal of Conrad’s character Marlow.  Below you will find a link to my interpretation of Marlow’s journal or scrapbook.

Marlow’s Travel Journal


A complete overview of Heart of Darkness-in 60 seconds:

Here is a link to the full text of the novel:

A link to the free audiobook:

A link to Conrad’s biography video (very interesting):


I like the way that I did this assignment, but there is just so much information that I would like to add to it.  There is literally not enough room on any given piece of paper.  I actually enjoyed this assignment and appreciate being given a bit of creative liberty.  I think that with this text, as with many of the the others that we are/have looked at in this class, the review and interpretation is much more detailed and lengthy that the original work.  A couple of things that I did not discuss in my journal were imperialism and racism in the text.  My main reason for this is that they are implied within the text, not outwardly stated, and since my journal is in the voice of Marlow, I intentionally left some things out.


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