Blogfolio Overview

Most of the tabs on my blog site are specific to a writing assignment, however, I have added and will continue to add information as it interests me, therefore I am creating this Overview page to direct you through my blog.  I will update this page as new tabs/pages are created.  Clicking on a title below will take you directly to that tab in the blog, so please, explore!  Thank you.

Why I Chose to Take African Diaspora Literature

This is our first writing assignment

Journey Through the Heart of Darkness

This is writing assignment 2, a “map” of Joseph Conrad’s text and supporting information

Tropes in African Literature

This is our third writing assignment, I completed this as a Prezi


This is a poem that we were assigned to read.  No specific assignment regarding this was given, but I found this to be a nice reading by the author.


This page is dedicated to the novel “Graceland” by Chris Abani.  It looks at the novel within the contexts of Urbanization and Mass Media.

The Final Stop on this Journey

This page contains my final reflective piece.  An overview of my thoughts on this class in African Diaspora Literature.


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