Why I Chose to Take African Diaspora Literature

This blog post is in response to our first writing assignment.  3 questions were asked of the students in the African Diaspora Literature class:

Victoria Falls

1) Why did you take this course?

In all honesty, I originally enrolled in this class as a last minute addition to complete general education requirements needed to fulfill my degree program.  After  listening to the small amount of discussion that I was able to hear on the first day, I became quite interested in this class.  I am interested in African-American/Black culture for many reasons, one of which is my family.  I also believe that it is important to read about and try to, in some ways, wrap your mind around other perspectives.  I believe that by doing this you become a more well-rounded person and are able to have deeper, more meaningful conversations with a variety of people.

Elephants Crossing Zambizi2) What are your expectations?

In this class I expect to develop a deeper understanding of not only the literature covered, but gain insight into the thought process of the writer and of other readers.  I also hope that if and when my children read this or similar literature, that I will be able to discuss it with them and provide them with additional perspectives that they might not have considered on their own.

Orphans from Kenya

3)  What are your concerns?

My biggest concern with this class is that it is so technology based.  I have a hard time sitting at the computer for long periods of time and find it uncomfortable and difficult to type on my laptop due to carpel tunnel in my right hand.  Other than that, I really look forward to this class and learning.


After being in this class for a while now, I kind of have mixed feelings about it.  I really enjoy the literature that we are reading, however I wish that we were able to spend more time in directed discussion about the texts rather than some of the other things that we discuss.  I enjoy educated discussions and debate on the writers, their intent, and the context and content of the stories.  Although I believe that the symbolism/tropes are very important in the text, I wish that we spent less class time analyzing them.  It seems sad that we rarely are able to get through more than the first few pages of in-depth discussion of the stories, or in the case of Cullen, we never made it past the second stanza of the poem.  Overall, this is one of my favorite classes, I just think there is not enough time in the day to be as thorough as I would like.


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